Tshirts with Rattle

Fellow Nottingham-ers Rattle recently released their LP at two events; at St. Pancras Church in London and at The Nottingham Writers Studio.

Tez came down the studio to screen print the Ts - using a hand cut stencil and water based inks

Tez- looking like a badass in her (suspicious clean) apron

Tez- looking like a badass in her (suspicious clean) apron

The idea was to make a super limited run of shirts with swirly marbled ink - so each one was unique

First print! Hot off the press!

So- we printed 20 in total- and Tez got to try out screen printing for the first time, and find out she is amazing at it (obviously)

And here they are- being modeled in the park near the studio- while dogs and their walkers look on bemusedly.

We needed some labels to let everyone know that these were no normal tshirts, and so letterpress printed some luggage tags with all the info you would need. Like- how to wash them (if you are into that) and how to find Rattle on the internet (www.thisisrattle.com)

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