Hyggebox printing!

Hyggebox send out amazing packs of cosy Danish treats to all their subscribers each month - and since January, their boxes have been going out covered in our screen printed designs!

The standard Hyggebox with our stencil screen print design

The design was created from playing around with the Hyggebox logo - the handmade ethos is a big part of Hygge - so the prints were made using our signature hand cut stencils:

After spending a day designing and cutting all the stencils, the printing can begin!

January and February's boxes are printed with winter colours - deep blue with silver for the Dansk Deluxe boxes. We are also printing the limited edition Valentines Day couples box- with a new design in bright red and copper!

Its been great to hear feedback from Hyggebox and their customers on the new boxes and the matching stickers - there are lots of pictures on Instagram of people receiving their new printed packages - which is amazing!

We also had a chat with Hyggebox about printing and the studio and cheese and jumpers - all the important things - and they have put it all up on their blog

Next few boxes will have all new spring colours - so keep an eye on us here to see them emerge!

Dansk Deluxe!

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